Lesbian First Date: What Not To Do

lesbian dating first dateAs a girl, meeting women can be hard but you are sure to get far if you know how to date right. When it comes to lesbian dating, there are certain things that you need to avoid doing on the first date. The following points are things that you should not do, particularly during the initial stages of dating someone new.

1. Don't get too drunk

Everyone likes a drink to loosen themselves up but avoid drinking too much, particularly when you are still getting to know somebody new. If you get drunk, you might come on too strong, act a little silly or even end up puking in the bathroom with her holding your hair back! Go easy and let your personality shine through without getting wasted.

2. Don't get too deep

It's really important to get to know her on the first date but make sure that you are not sharing a little too much information too soon. Anything traumatic or particularly big from your past is probably the type of conversations that you would have a little further down the line. Do not tell her your life story right away or there will be nothing to talk about as the dates continue. Keep it fun and get to know the basics while you are still dating different women.

3. Get off your phone

There is nothing more annoying than being on a date and the other person constantly checking their phone. It's very rude and shows a lack of respect for the other person. Social media is very important in 2018 but if you cannot put your phone down just for an hour or so when you are on a date, then there might be a bigger problem than you not having a girlfriend! If your phone rings, do not answer it unless you know it is an emergency. To avoid any temptation, turn your phone off and just get immersed with the date.

4. Don't take her to meet your friends

Many people are tempted to take a date to a place where they know their friends will be but this is not recommended. While you might want to introduce her to your friends further down the line, take things slowly. You want a first date to be just the two of you enjoying one another's company, with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of conversation. Go somewhere that is comfortable but where you can talk in private together.

5. Plan a short date

The first date should be short and sweet, do not plan anything that is an all-day event or this could end up being a mistake. A couple of hours to get to know each other is all you need. This means that if things get awkward, the date does not have to go on for very long until you can bail. Having the first and second dates short is also a great idea because if things do go well, it leaves lots of activities left to enjoy on future dates.

6. Do not put all your eggs in one basket

This is just a first date and you need to remember that there are lots of women out there who could be right for you. Don't come on too strong, if you click with somebody it will happen naturally and there WILL be a future for the both of you.

7. Don't play games

You might be tempted to try and play some kind of mind games like talking about other girls or even being rude to her. Treat em mean, keep em keen doesn't work and is best avoided if you want any kind of serious relationship with somebody. Laying all your cards on the table and being honest is the best way to form a relationship when you are lesbian dating.


Make lesbian dating a breeze by knowing what to do and most importantly, what not to do whenever you meet a new woman. There are so many ways that you can meet a whole range of women in your area, lesbian dating sites are recommended to really get yourself out there. Be sure to have fun, go with the flow and before long, you will meet the right woman for you.