Lesbian Dating Tips for the Newly Out Lez

Lesbian Dating Tips for the Newly Out LezAs a newly out lesbian, dating can be more than just a little bit daunting. It's like being a fish in a whole new stream but there are things you should keep in mind to make dating women a little easier. Whether you are looking for something casual or more serious, here are 5 tips that you could benefit from following.

1. Don't approach it differently

It's so important that you do not look at lesbian dating as something different, even though it is brand new for you! Whether you previously used to date men or not, attraction is attraction no matter what the sex is. When you think to yourself "lesbian dating is going to be so hard", this IS going to make it more difficult because your confidence levels are not going to be where they should be at. If you see a hot girl, approach her the way that you would hope to be approached and see her as a person you are trying to get to know rather than somebody who is the same sex as you.

2. Start off slowly

When you are newly out of the closet, you should really learn to get to know and explore yourself first. You are the number one priority and you do not have to jump into anything. I really think that it's important to start off slowly when you are lesbian dating for the first time. There is no need to go crazy and visit gay bars every night.etc. If you do get approached by somebody and you feel a connection, you can definitely go to it but just don't force something that isn't happening authentically. Once you have had some time by yourself, it's time to move on to the next step.

3. Consider using lesbian dating sites

There are many dating sites out there are especially designed for lesbians and these definitely take some of the strain off. If you join a high quality dating site for women only, this really makes your options more clear and shows you an array of single women that are available in your area. There is nothing worse in a club than having to "guess" if a woman is lesbian and these kind of sites take the guesswork away. Look for reviews online to find the best lesbian dating sites online, sign up and just start getting to know all the different women on there.

4. Find somebody you have common interests with

It can be so easy to get caught up in how a woman looks, whether you are looking for somebody to date online or in the real world. Don't write somebody off due to her not being your type, actually get to know different girls for their personalities because you never know who your perfect match could be. There are so many different people out there and you should find somebody that you have actual interests in, particularly if you are looking for something long term. Really keep your options open when you are searching for women on lesbian dating sites, Chatting online before you meet in person will give you the opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level first.

5. Don't take it too seriously

Dating in general should be fun, so make it that way! Don't make the conversation too serious either. Of course you want to get to know different women but do it in a way that is fun, you don't need to be learning somebody's life story right away. Remember to let your personality shine through when talking to potential love interests. If you lack confidence when dating, fake it until you make it! The more experience you have with lesbian dating, the better you are going to get at it.


By approaching dating as a lesbian confidently, you are much more likely to find the right woman for you. While the logistics might be slightly different, being a lesbian and being in the dating world is not that much different to straight dating, only you might have a few less options out there but online dating will open many doors for you. Put the mentioned steps and attitudes into practice however to find what you are looking for in no time.