Lesbian Dating - How To Know If She Likes You

lesbian datingSo you've been dating girls for a while, either having met them from lesbian dating sites online or in some other way. The thing is with lesbian dating is that sometimes the girl will just not be that into you but she will not want to offend you, so will continue going on dates. There are ways that you can tell if a girl really likes you, this will mean you stop wasting your time on the ones who don't.

5 ways to know if she likes you

1. She is asking you questions

If a girl is really into you, she will want to know as much about you as possible. This means asking questions and really paying an interest while you talk. While ANY girl might enjoy talking about herself on a date, the ones that really care will want to know more about you. If you are steering the whole conversation or she is being overly quiet to a level where it seems pretty rude, then she's probably not interested in you on a romantic level. That being said, you DO need to keep in mind that some women take longer to come out of their shell than others so you might need to use your gut instinct on this one.

2. Her body language gives it away

While somebody can say whatever words they think you want to hear, body language is harder to disguise. You can get a pretty good idea as to how she feels about you based on her body language. If she's into you, she will lean her body into you as you conversate with one another. She might also show off the typical flirting signs like twirling her hair. On the other hand, if she doesn't like you she might lean her body away from you slightly and unconsciously put a barrier between you both.

3. She makes lots of eye contact

When we like somebody, we might make more eye contact than what is considered socially acceptable in a normal encounter. If she's looking into your eyes intently when you speak and even when you don't, this is a very good sign. You might even notice a sparkle in her eyes or her pupils dilate slightly, this is a sign our body gives off when we are attracted to someone. Ensure you return the eye contact if you like her but not to a point where it gets creepy!

4. She smiles and laughs a lot

If you like someone, you smile and laugh at them frequently throughout your conversation. You also do this if you get along with someone on a friendly level but if she is doing this in combination with some of the other points that have been mentioned, she's definitely into you. Try telling an absolutely terrible joke, if she laughs anyway then you are definitely doing something right. Be sure to smile back at her when she does it, this is something that is so simple but it instantly makes you 10 times more attractive!

5. You make plans to meet up again

If a girl likes you she is going to ask you for a second date and give you her phone number. Hopefully, she will initiate this but if not just ask her and see what her reaction is, she could just be shy! If she asks for your number, this is not as good of a sign because it is not as open as actually giving hers. She could intend to take your number with no attention to call but on the other hand, she could also give you a fake number. The suggestion to swap social media account details is also positive because this is how many people communicate nowadays so it means that she actually wants to see you again.


If you are new to lesbian dating or even if you've been doing it for years, it can be tricky to know how a woman really feels about you. By looking out for the signs, you can have a pretty good idea as to whether the dates are going in the right direction. Follow the mentioned advice, date with confidence and in no time you will meet the love of your life.